Ancient Rites - _Dim Carcosa_
(Hammerheart, 2001)
by: Kirsty Buchanan (6 out of 10)
A pretentious opening leads only to a shallow sound throughout the rest of the release. However technically proficient Ancient Rites are (and they are, with precise drumming and impressive guitar work), nothing can be done to escape the lyrics. Uninspired, hollow, unfelt and inevitably annoying. However, Ancient Rites' musical talent outweighs their lyrical ineptitude as towards the end of the album even some depth of sound is achieved. No longer sounding so tinny, Ancient Rites are more appealing and their expressive transgressions can be ignored if not forgiven. "Remembrance" is a beautiful touching little two minute piano work; never before have I heard such an accomplished break in an album, it's like a commercial break where the adverts are better than the programme you were watching. But once you return to the programme (album) as a whole, it makes you appreciate it all the more. The guitar work becomes frantic and the release is better for it. During the lengthy "Lindisfarne (Anno 793)" it verges on excessive speed, which opens a door to abilities of their musicians previously unseen and unknown from this outing. All I need to do now is to attempt to ignore the exaggerated pomposity and unnecessary posturing in the promotional material.

(article published 12/8/2001)

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