Anata - _Dreams of Death and Dismay_
(Relapse, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (8.5 out of 10)
There is something wildly distinguishing about this Swedish act formed in 1993, but it isn't maturity; as a matter of fact, maybe quite the opposite. While precocious in their approach, Anata has a Nox Intempesta feel [CoC #34], only more geniusly juvenile. They are advertised as a self-described Morbid Angel meets At the Gates band -- I disagree on both counts. I -do- hear the similarities, but the comparison is crude, at best. Anata is enigmatic in and of themselves. A cultivation exists as this band works you over a ten track CD with a strict emphasis on harsh, but decipherable playing ability. The melodic and changing intensity Anata possesses works to their benefit in a way uneclipsed by a genre so crowded by sub-par acts. "Can't Kill What's Already Dead" and "The Enigma of Number Three" are just a choice couple of cuts off of _Dreams of Death and Dismay_ that'll dismantle your concept of normalcy and leave you in a state of divine befuddlement. Nothing about Anata is torpid or sluggish; instead, this experiment in intricacy is one that will challenge you and every concept you hold sacred.


(article published 12/8/2001)

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