Abominant - _Ungodly_
(Deathgasm Records, 2000)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6.5 out of 10)
Maybe my American geography is a bit lacking, but Abominant almost make me wonder if there might be a town of Gothenburg, Kentucky -- despite the fact that Abominant -claim- to be from Bardstown, KY. Never mind, I guess there could probably be towns called Gothenburg in quite a few European countries besides Sweden by now anyway, considering the amount of metal bands currently harvesting influence from the style that was born there. Abominant mix some American death metal elements with their Swedish influences, but all in all _Ungodly_ could easily be mistaken for the output of some Swedish melodic black/death metallers. However derivative and unoriginal as _Ungodly_ may be, Abominant do show a very reasonable knack for memorable Gothenburg riffing, agile tempo changes and fitting vocals. The production on _Ungodly_ is competent but rather unpolished, and there is a certain simplicity and a slight looseness in the band's instrumental delivery that is nevertheless well balanced out by their conviction. I therefore expected this band to be quite young, and _Ungodly_ perhaps their debut album. However, much to my surprise, I found out through their website that the band has existed since 1993 and that this is their -fourth- full-length record. This fact does not bode well for Abominant; even though _Ungodly_ is quite an enjoyable record in its relative simplicity, I would have expected something far more impressive and distinctive from a band's fourth full-length album. Ultimately this causes my rating to drop slightly, since Abominant are hardly the promising youngsters I thought they might be. Things are quite good throughout the first three tracks, for instance, but the unremarkable standard American death metal sections help keep the rating below 7. _Ungodly_ does provide an unpretentiously enjoyable listen, though, so you might still want to get your hands on this one if Gothenburg-influenced albums are a very high priority for you.

Contact: http://come.to/deathgasm/

(article published 12/8/2001)

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