Cybernetic Erosion - _Materialisation of Abomination_
(Independent, 2001)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
I must admit, after reading the bio for this one-man project by Vadim Ozvald Davidson -- with the tales of a talented young musician leaving his homeland of the Soviet Union to relocate in Tennessee, thrown into a mental institution and later spending years striving to find musical creativity through various projects until he found this one -- I was a little bit worried that this cheesy As the World Turns scenario would result in the music being utter crap. Not the case here with _Materialisation of Abomination_, as I am blown away by the surreal charge of this electronic based project. Atmospheric and eerily sedate at times, the music of _MoA_ moves forward with grace, even though it alters its direction and intensity as the disc goes on. The use of synthesizers is done with excellence, as Davidson really has grand control of this electronic experience we are taking in. Out of the six tracks provided on _MoA_, I'd have to say that "Salt Iron Blood" and the lengthy "2000 Years" really shine as exquisite pieces of work. Even after more than ten minutes of electronic, atmospheric flare on "2000 Years", Davidson still keeps things interesting. Cybernetic Erosion is a great find for fans of this genre to take in. I'm hoping Davidson plans another expedition sometime soon, 'cause this trip has been worth it.

Contact: Funeral Decadence Prod., 304 12th St. Apt. #5,

(article published 13/5/2001)

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