Blood Stained Dusk - _Dirge of Death's Silence_
(Baphomet, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (7 out of 10)
My first impulse was to take this band over the coals -- not because they were sub-par or inadequate, but instead because I hear -so- much more to Blood Stained Dusk than what I think is offered on _Dirge of Death's Silence_. Possessing a strip-mine, excavatingly harsh sound, this band displayed the right combination of ability and aptitude to attract the attention of Killjoy from Necrophagia / Viking Crown / Eibon fame. Released in cooperation with Red Stream Records, BSD's demo was issued forth as a mini-CD. The way I see things, I believe Blood Stained Dusk's greatest strength rests in their ability to soothe the volcanic chaos they so wantonly create. Take for example the fourth track at about the three and a half minute mark (3:28), a cooling salve is applied to the blistering burn the rest of "The Infernal Praise" scorches on the unprepared listener. Unique and fulfilling riffs also surface from time to time throughout _Dirge of Death's Silence_. "Vastland of the Empire Lost" in its more than eight minute duration displays just such an example. Deep guitar cuts unlike many others in the genre slice intently (2:54) before they slather on the soothing ointment about the starting at the four minute and nineteen second mark. Far from the prospect now with as solid an effort as _Dirge of Death's Silence_ is, this Alabama four-piece needs to emphasize their incomparable attributes or find themselves being held back with the less gifted bands in the black metal class. They say silence is deafening at times, even dirges relating there to, but BSD could profit more from a judicious utilization of quieter stillness amidst the pandemonium.

(article published 13/5/2001)

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