Watain - _Rabid Death's Curse_
(Drakkar, 2001)
by: Alvin Wee (8 out of 10)
It's gonna happen again: sold out before anyone realizes what hit them. Latest news is that the last copies of this are moving fast at the Drakkar camp... all without any of the promotion or prior excitement from the other bands on the label. Pure Swedish fury of the highest quality from these unannounced debutantes, and with such astonishing quality for a debut, Watain are set to leave a blazing mark on the international underground. Combining the intensity of Marduk / Dark Funeral with melody akin to Sorhin or early Algaion is something Thy Primordial has already set the stage for, and _RDC_ works hard at pushing the limits here, proving that utter violence and ferocity didn't end with Immortal's _Battles in the North_. Alternating between an all-out Norwegian-style holocaust and razor-sharp melodic hooks, these four blasphemers hurl forth all eight tracks at the altar of Christ with a terrifying tightness and conviction that belies their relative newness on the scene. Lyrically too, the band stand head and shoulders above many of their labelmates; while the subject matter won't be too hard to guess at, it's all said in a lean, refined style that somehow reflects the utter blackness of the musical atmosphere without resorting to crudities. It's great to see there's some life yet in the old corpse of the Swedish scene; not all has gone soft and Gothen-fied, and lately _RDC_ has been getting more air-time on my speakers than Marduk's latest offering. _Rabid Death's Curse_ is also available as a gatefold LP on End All Life, but like their two other 7"s this won't last more than an instant.

Contact: drakkar2@wanadoo.fr (Drakkar)

(article published 13/5/2001)

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