Nocturnal Winds - _Of Art and Suffering_
(Aftermath, 2001)
by: Alvin Wee (8.5 out of 10)
After the numerous accolades gathered for their impressive debut _Everlasting Fall_, Finnish sons Nocturnal Winds opt for a more complex formula on _OAaS_. Way more technical than the catchy, almost simplistically enjoyable _EF_, the new album takes on progressive elements, melding the jazz-like dissonance into other more formulaic Gothenburg portions. The opener "Chaotic Universe of Mind" hints at the band's newfound ability with rapidly evolving hooks and rhythms, moving away from the beaten path and into more technical territory. I'm not really one for the dissonance of progressive death, but like Unmoored, Nocturnal Winds retain enough basic musicality to make listening bearable, unfolding in texture and complexity with each listen. Memorable leads still abound, like on the moving "Erased", but hidden in the sweetness lie the claws of the traditional Florida sound: "Winter in My Heart" opens with a pummeling intro foreshadowing all-out brutality only to diffuse into a nostalgic sound reminiscent of old Eucharist. If _Everlasting Fall_ was too sweetly "Gothenburg" for you, then give _Of Art and Suffering_ a try. Those who remember the good old days of _A Velvet Creation_ will appreciate Nocturnal Winds' newfound maturity.

Contact: (Aftermath)

(article published 13/5/2001)

5/25/2000 A Wee 8 Nocturnal Winds - Everlasting Fall
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