Minas Tirith - _Demons Are Forever_
(FaceFront, 1998)
by: Chris Flaaten (9 out of 10)
Since I refer to Minas Tirith in this issue's Chaotic Concerts, I thought it would be natural to include a retro-review of their newest album as it hasn't been previously reviewed in CoC. Despite having a name from Tolkien, being Norwegian and having opened for Mayhem in Jessheim 1989 and now recently in Oslo March this year, Minas Tirith is not a black metal band. Far from it. They have been around for a long while, but they still have only released one album that wasn't self-financed. This album was released on FaceFront, Norwegian Scream Magazine's tiny label (see contact information below). _Demons Are Forever_ opens with a spooky, somewhat annoying intro. Disregard it -- the music starts at track two. This music is not easy to describe, though: it is truly unique. Imagine a technical fusion of heavy metal, progressive death/thrash with the feel and, at least to some extent, sound from Nevermore's 99(!) release _Dreaming Neon Black_ [CoC #38]. Minas Tirith, a three-piece consisting of extremely talented musicians, have the tightest sound I have ever heard. This comes out especially well in the production of this album, perfect for their "one for all, all for one" style of playing. Bass, guitar and drums have equal weight and on top comes bassist Frode Forsmo's clean, elegiac vocals and death grunts. The album, along with the songs themselves, is greatly varied and you'll hear everything from black metal riffs to cheerful strat-harmonies. Don't let that last statement of merriness, nor song titles like "NecroNoMicOn" or "Mad Alpha (Lunatic-tac)" scare you, though. This album provides a depressive, misanthropic feel, thanks mostly to the vocals and lyrics. Minas Tirith has, in their trademark eccentricity, produced an album that requires some spins before it really makes sense, but it won't take long before it has crawled under your skin. If you like tight, technical metal you should be pleased. Hopefully these musketeers will get a deal with a bigger label and release another album soon, I crave more!

Contact: FaceFront, Postboks 3865, Ulleval Stadion,

(article published 13/5/2001)

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