Jungle Rot - _Dead and Buried_
(Olympic Recordings, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
I'll be hung, drawn and quartered (to borrow unpretentiously from a Cancer song) if this CD from Wisconsin's Jungle Rot isn't one of the most riff-ervescent packages ever crushed onto disc. Unlike the camouflaged disc and the _Dead and Buried_ cover would have you believe, this effort is anything but covert -- instead, I would call it the most in-your-fucking-face blast of aggressive confrontation since Dying Fetus' _Purification Through Violence_ [CoC #20]. Great riffing, superiorly technical, and commandingly engaging is this effort. I'd have to say that _Slaughter the Weak_ solidified Jungle Rot's position in the front line of old school extreme death metal, but the raw frontal blitzkrieg executed on _Dead and Buried_ is top brass! Take for instance the choppiness about the one minute and twenty-three second mark area of "Strangulation Mutilation", track five; its roller-coaster guitar chops rhythmically smite the listener violently into a bass line to rival old Overkill on a very good day. "Red Skies" holds the crown for brilliance in sniper-fire, fox-hole slammingly heavy cuts, however. No doubt this newest Jungle Rot slice of rapid-fire barbarity will capture your attention like a firing squad filling a mass grave with civilian women and children. Probably "Top 15" material so far this year for this reviewer. Certainly an advised purchase.

(article published 13/5/2001)

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