Impaled - _Choice Cuts_
(Deathvomit, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (5 out of 10)
Growth seems to be the least of this band's concern. Staying the course, on the other hand, is what Impaled is all about. In CoC #48, I reviewed Impaled's _The Dead Shall Dead Remain_. In #50, I interviewed Leon Del Muerte. Little has changed with this band since then, save this new effort. Exactly a year to the month later, these grind/gore fiends issue forth what they appropriately dubbed their "greatest shits". The tracks comprising _Choice Cuts_, I understand, are mostly unreleased and certainly rare. Serving to pacify fans, _Choice Cuts_ does its job exhaustively with demo versions ("Immaculate Defecation", "Flesh & Blood", "From Here to Colostomy", etc.) to Carcass and Impetigo covers ("Carneous Cacoffiny" and "I Work for the Streetcleaner", respectively). Two new tracks can also be heard on _Choice Cuts_: "Nightsoil" and "Until Death". Expect the same unfailing Impaled sound and style on both of them. Thirteen total songs on this effort to be offered at an EP price, I believe. Impaled fans should relish this, but from my perspective the new full-length to be recorded this coming Winter has a better than average shot at being something more notable. Why? "Nightsoil" and "Until Death", while very representative of Impaled's gore-ish nature, have a certain potential that, properly developed (choppier and more rhythmic), could be their ticket outta the gutter slime and cess. Then again, I'd bet Impaled like it there.


(article published 13/5/2001)

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