Himinbjorg - _Third_
(Red Stream, 2001)
by: Aaron McKay (9 out of 10)
While this is exactly the same rating I gave _In the Raven's Shadow_ back in 2000 [CoC #46], I think the fact that _Third_ is an MCD means it is at least a half a step superior. In all actuality, I am thinking seriously about including this latest Himinbjorg piece of divinity on my Top 10 releases of 2001. Yes!, I realize it is only March, but it is -that- good. A blistered and chapped Opeth/Burzum feel slyly runs through _Third_ as it coils around your interest peaking your intellect. I think that you will find it is one of the finest French arctic chills you've ever had creep over you, freezing your comprehension. Deep diversity, atmospheric anomalies and monumental moods sweep consistently through _Third_'s twenty-five minutes and forty-seven seconds. I'd get my hands on a copy of this if you knew what I know.

(article published 13/5/2001)

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