Evanesce - _Sower of Sedition_
(Retribute Records, 2000)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
<spoken in a young girl's voice> "When I wanna feel close to my special friend Jesus, I sing him a very special song. You wanna hear it?" And then begins "Winters Sun", track seven of _Sower of Sedition_. Evanesce occasionally make an effort, either through a sample like this one or some unexpectedly more subdued instrumental passage, to keep the death metal on _Sower of Sedition_ varied. Evanesce's style of death metal reminds me most of Malevolent Creation's recent efforts, as the band opts for rasped vocals instead of a death grunt much like Malevolent Creation. Evanesce differentiate themselves somewhat from the death metal masses, even if not in a particular original way, and achieve rather pleasant results through their competent musical skills and very reasonable songwriting. The aforementioned "Winters Sun", "Autumnal Death", "Eternal Decadence" and "Second City of Empire" (the only song where they use some death grunts) are all good tracks, and the band occasionally even hints at what might be a slight influence from At the Gates. Evanesce keep things reasonably varied in terms of pace and style, and although not brilliantly, they do succeed in generally keeping the listener interested. A very decent debut in which Evanesce show a good amount of potential.

Contact: http://www.evanesce.co.uk

(article published 13/5/2001)

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