Thy Majestie - _The Lasting Power_
(SPV, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (8.5 out of 10)
I can't really understand why it is I enjoy this as much as I do. Very close to a power rock album (yuck!), but there is also much more there -- more interesting for certain. I know nothing of this band, so all that I give you here is completely subjective and somewhat blind and crude. Fifteen tracks total, but some of these cuts are more or less build-ups or precursors to the longer songs. Intense guitar work with clean but very appropriate vocals spin the musical yarn of medieval triumph, tragedy and tears. Most notable comparisons sound-wise would perhaps be HammerFall, but certainly Demons & Wizards. I have to admit, "Under Siege", the fourth song, not only gives the listener a good feel about where Thy Majestie is coming from, but takes things a step farther by condensing pretty much everything on _The Lasting Power_ into one track. A nice intro, catchy riffs and solid playing, softened interludes, all at a lengthy clock time of just over eight minutes. If you are a hardened power metal skeptic like me, give Thy Majestie a try before selling the whole genre down the proverbial river forever. They did wonders for my outlook.

(article published 13/3/2001)

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