Nargaroth - _Amarok_
(No Colours Records, 2000)
by: Alvin Wee (6 or 8)
You're probably wondering about the dual rating I've given this "new" album; fact is, it's an indication of most Nargaroth material: if you're already a fan then you'll love it, if not you'd need lots of persuading. Being primarily a collection of old and unreleased material, _Amarok_ is all the more catered towards pleasing the band's small but hardcore group of supporters. Nargaroth is still an unbelievably underground act, and for those unfamiliar with the band, this one-man act lies in the realms of old Burzum (names like Mutiilation, Abyssic Hate, etc. come to mind). The back cover shows a Mystic Circle shirt being torched to cinders; 'nuff said! The familiar title track of their first LP "Herbstleyd" kicks things off, and despite it being a "different version taken from Promo", I'm not really convinced of its inclusion here. A fine song nonetheless, taking us to a melancholic rendition of Burzum's "Black Spell of Destruction". Somewhat raw around the edges (the way it should be), it's surprisingly convincing, with Kanwulf's shrill cries adding an almost tangible anguish to the song. Things go way downhill after that with the inclusion of two demo tracks: slow, unsophisticated and downright boring. A peek into the booklet reveals the abysmal quality of the English lyrics, but the title track, an unreleased studio recording, proves him a better German poet by far. As mentioned before, this one will appeal to hardcore supporters of the band (8 points), but for newcomers to the "No Colours scene", the previous album _Herbstleyd_ would be a far better intro to the band (6 points).

Contact: ($20)

(article published 13/3/2001)

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