Theatre of the Macabre - _A Paradise in Flesh & Blood_
(Root of All Evil, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (7.5 out of 10)
Sounding a lot like Lorde of All Desires, Theatre of the Macabre manage to salvage a shred of uniqueness and avoid the "clone" label with their sound. LeRue Delashay parted company with LoAD to wind-up forming Theatre of the Macabre. I heard this in the band's style even before learning of the stark connection between the two groups. You can also see my review of Root of All Evil's second anniversary sampler in issue #49 for some more information about Lorde of All Desires and Theatre of the Macabre. On and on and so forth. This is the band's first full length effort and, thusly, a debut of sorts. Black metal is the respective target TotM is aiming for and very nearly hits. Some attractive guitar passages can be discovered here, like the beginning to track five, "Forsaken in the Garden of Earthly Delights" (Hieronymus Bosch, anyone?). I like a cerebral reference here and there. This song is equally as enthralling as Bosch's work. Not overtly fast musically, TotM changes that in for of a more catchy riff progression. If you'd like a bit of obscure magnetism conjured in your black metal, Theatre of the Macabre may be your witches' brew. A potent concoction.

(article published 10/1/2001)

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