Tantrum of the Muse - _Modernmu$ick (2000!)_
(Takehold Records, 2000)
by: Alex Cantwell (7 out of 10)
What a trip. These guys from Pennsylvania take the sly talent of The Melvins and mix in keen emo/indie sensibilities, along with a few grindcore episodes. This is not easy-listening, nor are they a band to "jam out to", as they deal with heavy sexual topics in "Eunuch (The Sinai Orgies)", "Happy as a Lark", and "Victoria Has a Secret", as well as some other fun topics (check out "10-10-99/$screw the Christian Industry$"). Some of the lyrics are really vague, though, and although they are written from a Christian viewpoint, this band lets loose like any group of tormented souls would in "Caught With Your Halo Around Your Knees" and "Chiroptera Armada" ("In my mind lives a swine, the ones possessed by demons, my soul has made a covenant but it's all stalked by darkness"). Sheesh. I would recommend this to those who enjoy the lyrical rantings of Roadside Monument, and fans of Built to Spill and Warlord.

Contact: Takehold Records, P.O. Box 19831, Birmingham AL 35219, USA

(article published 10/1/2001)

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