WarHorse - _...As Heaven Turns to Ash_
(Southern Lord Records, 2000)
by: Adrian Bromley (9.5 out of 10)
Ever been kicked in the head? Been punched in the mouth? How about toppled over by an angry mob? Well, as Ben Grimm (aka The Thing of the Fantastic Four) used to say: "It's clobbering' time!" It has been some time since I have been won over by such a heavy, doom-like release. While I am a fan of the genre, I pick and choose my acts to follow. I have been following this band since their inception in 1996 (from the ashes of Desolation and Infestation) and have always been fond of their work. And while line-up changes have been ongoing, the band has solidified a three-piece line-up to record their debut for Southern Lord Records. And what magic they have created. The debut for Southern Lord is a culmination of all their influences (everything from Black Sabbath to Cathedral to EYEHATEGOD) and their own set style, a mixture of hardened guitar riffs and death metal stylings. While more doom than anything else, _...As Heaven Turns to Ash_ is a brilliant dose of creativity and song structures (check out numbers like "Dusk", "Black Acid Prophecy" and "Lysergic Communion") that could tear walls down. Thick, solid riffs pummel us as the disc goes on. This band floors me and I want everyone to know it. WarHorse deserve everyone's attention as we head into 2001 and their record gets released. Know the name, buy the disc. It's that simple.

(article published 10/1/2001)

9/1/1998 A Bromley 8 Warhorse - Warhorse
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