Slaughter - _Surrender or Die_
(Utopian Vision Music, 2000)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
The legendary band gets high marks in my books for just starting off with the chainsaw. Yeah! Fucking metal! But there is more to the power of Canada's mighty Slaughter than a chainsaw intro. This was -the- band that influenced a legion of other bands with their ravaging metal sound and raw production, including heavyweights like Mortician and Napalm Death. Even though the original material (from 1985) has been remastered, Slaughter's music still sounds dated -- but in a good way. Back then, before Metallica broke out big and Death ever existed, Slaughter was breaking all the rules. A cult classic -- one listen to songs like "Incinerator", "Cult of the Dead" or "Shadow of Death" and you'll know why. God bless them for being Canucks!


(article published 10/1/2001)

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