Primal Fear - _Nuclear Fire_
(Nuclear Blast, 2001)
by: Kirsty Buchanan (4 out of 10)
Pure "Screaming Dad-Rock" at its best, or worst: it depends whether or not you are partial to the re-heated ideas of others. To my mind there is no more than 1 minute 30 seconds of original material in this release. It's all very well paying homage to your idols and those who influenced you, but some streak of personality would be a treat. This 53 minute romp through the record collections of five middle-aged men is an intriguing beast. At times it betrays the vague talent of the musicians, but just as I felt I was warming to them, another cliche was poured into my ears. Admittedly, as a band in this genre it is important to stamp your identity on your work; but there's personal identity, and then there's: a pretty basic font, cover-art to sell the cheapest of all budget computer games, and over use of the word "fire". However, the percussion on many of the tracks is skilled and the guitar work competent and at times noticeably good -- during the lyrically impressive "Now or Never", for example. Although in places more Aerosmith than anything else, a competent album can be found within _Nuclear Fire_'s unconvincing sleeve. The single standout track on this release is mercifully recognised as the "bonustrack", "Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove". It is a foray into the original land of personal thought. Passable, despite the Tommy Cooper band photo.

(article published 10/1/2001)

4/13/1998 A Wee 8 Primal Fear - Primal Fear
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