Impaler - _One Nation Under Ground_
(Root of All Evil, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (6.5 out of 10)
My very first exposure to Impaler was on the Root of All Evil 2000 second anniversary sampler [CoC #49]. I truly enjoyed that CD taster. Impaler are raw and, in their own right, peerless. Not for everyone, however. Not many strive to the garden-variety goals of Impaler. There is a method to this band's madness after all. Pretty basic, though pointed and convenient. Rhymes wax poetic lyric after lyric -- sometimes purposely laughable. Imagine a rudimentary Deceased stripped down as far as you can take it and you kinda have an idea of _One Nation Under Ground_. Like on the Root of All Evil 2000 second anniversary sampler, the song "Under the Dirt" is on _One Nation Under Ground_; a plus. Track six, "Dead as a Doornail", is pretty catchy. I surely appreciate the cover of Cooper's "Teenage Frankenstein" and the use of the Mortician-like gore/horror samples throughout the effort. "Scream Machine" and "Girl of My Screams" should supply enough of an insight as to what Impaler is all about. I think Impaler may enjoy their modest appointment of being a B-rated Necrophagia.


(article published 10/1/2001)

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