Dominus - _Godfallos_
(Diehard Music, 2000)
by: David Rocher (7 out of 10)
Having never heard any of Dominus' earlier material, the bio provided with their new release enlightened me to the fact that _Godfallos_ is none other, or less, than "the creature that lives up God's ass". With this very revealing thought in mind, a first spin of _Godfallos_ still proves to be rather hard to define. Shifting between rabid thrash and blatantly _Metallica_-influenced heavy metal, _Godfallos_ offers eleven entertaining, competently played and written tracks: _Godfallos_ boasts some cool riffage, great vocals, oozes with killer guitar leads, and generally offers some really catchy material. Lead axeman Pete Storm and vocalist Michael Poulsen do a great job, delivering zany leads and hooklines, shifting from death metal rasps to cool, virile heavy metal vocals with amazing ease and a good deal of power. Unfortunately, however, not all tracks prove to be as efficient and memorable as the opener "Thine", which boasts a great structure, a cool chorus and a really wicked vocal line -- on the whole, in fact, _Godfallos_ soon turns out to sound kind of "samey", although "samey" here is on a distinctly high level. I honestly believe that if Dominus can channel their ideas better and more efficiently as on their scorching "Thine", they have more than what is just required to be a good aggressive heavy metal band, both recognised and sought for.

(article published 10/1/2001)

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