Dominion Caligula - _A New Era Rises_
(No Fashion Records, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (8 out of 10)
Now this is a compulsory piece of work. Very riff-happy and listener-friendly. I like this more and more with each spin in my player. What do I like, you ask? Well, how about the horrific "Domination" track, for starters. Ripping and bloodless as the song invades your consciousness. Cool as hell. Vocals are what you might come to expect from Emperor Magus Caligula of Dark Funeral, but at the same time, nothing like DF's scrapped, black metal approach. Dominion adds his professionalism to that of Lars Johansson on guitar, and what a combination -that- is. For example, take in the sheer ability of the solo about three minutes and ten seconds into song four, the indiscreet "In Love With the Gods". Dominion Caligula is much more than a spin here and there CD -- it is certainly a welcome staple on any metalhead's playlist. Producer Peter Tagtgren only helps this debut reach its objectives that much more professionally and easily. Nearly forty-five minutes of rebelliously cold, catching black metal taken down a path less traveled. Find it. Enjoy it.

(article published 10/1/2001)

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