Yosh - _Metaphors_
(Black Mark, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (6 out of 10)
Belgium's thrash quintet's debut album, _Metaphors_, is a combination of years of playing in numerous bands, experience and planning. From the ashes of several Belgian thrash outfits the band was formed in 1989 (releasing several demos) and in 1996 we find them pretty much solidified as a strong thrash band. The music on _Metaphors_ is pure rugged thrash metal that with some cool riffs, solid drum beats and angry vocals carries on with the standard thrash metal sound much like Overkill, Testament or D.R.I. but with a slight twist. The music seems a bit more planned out or visual rather than brawny lumps of thrash know-how, maybe that has something to do with the European metal scene opposed to the style of thrash metal that surfaced in the 80s out of San Francisco or New York that many American acts base themselves on, a style which was based upon speed and rough and tumble jabs of adrenaline. Not my favorite thrash metal-style record but it serves its purpose by showing me a more (if you will) sophisticated look at performing thrash metal and what its sound can be altered to. Highlights include "Perpetual", "Virus" and "Violins Of Violence".

(article published 17/7/1996)

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