Burn It Down - _Let the Dead Bury the Dead_
(Escape Artist, 2000)
by: Adrian Bromley (8.5 out of 10)
The rollercoaster ride of Burn It Down's latest offering _Let the Dead Bury the Dead_ is not for everyone, and that comes in quite loud and clear with the manic frenzy of the hardcore rhythms, the (at times) rather melodic vocals and the shredding guitars. There is a lot going on and the emotional ideas of the album's theme run even deeper. Singer Ryan Downey is solid in all shape and form, a ringleader to the chaos and charismatic enough to take us by the hand and let us trust him as all Hell breaks loose. The thing about Burn It Down is not the hardcore elements or the diversity. The power of Burn It Down lies in the passion of their music. Their material is just such a passionate flow of ideas that gel with an intense hardcore groove that never seems to let up. Just check out numbers like "The Most Beautiful Lie I Ever Told or Sold", "Do Your Worst" or "Every Man's Got a Devil" and you'll see the dynamic diversity this band has to offer. Throw in a blistering cover of the classic Rolling Stones song "Paint it Black" and this record just shines. The theme of the record revolves around choosing a path in life and trying to get the most out of it, regardless of where you are currently situated. This is a deep record and a must for fans who want to experience something above par to the regular cliche of sounds and styles flooding the market. Burn It Down are true to what they and do and the ideas they believe in -- and it shows.

(article published 10/1/2001)

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