Napalm Death - _Enemy of the Music Business_
(Dream Catcher, 2000)
by: Paul Schwarz (9.5 out of 10)
I haven't bought a Napalm Death album since _Diatribes_, and that was the first Napalm Death album I bought. The last couple of Napalm records just never tweaked my interest; the altered approach didn't quite hit the spot. However, just when I was on the brink of losing all faith in them, Napalm Death spectacularly blasted their way back into my consciousness with this disorientatingly aggressive, pleasantly sporadic beast of an album. Of course, I would have been far less shocked had I taken the time to check out their _Leaders and Followers_ covers EP: one of the only covers-only releases worth owning, in my opinion, even if it is a bit short. My former favourite from Napalm was _Fear Emptiness Despair_, but after two months of listening and consideration I firmly believe that _EotMB_ is their outright best album. The title may seem off-putting in its bluntness, but it really is surprisingly appropriate; _EotMB_ may not represent a revolution in anti-music like _Scum_ did, but it stands outside "scenes", "trends" and "musical movements", sticks two fingers up, and proceeds to slam your face into the dirt over and over again. And don't be thinking that all Napalm have done is pumped up the aggression and drawn fans like myself back into their fold: _EotMB_ will be enjoyed by fans of the last three Napalm albums as well, and I think as much, as it most surely will be by the "old timers". _EotMB_ a damn fine record with top notch production and songwriting. Basically, whether you're a fan of Napalm from any era, have never heard the band, or just never liked them previously, you're strongly advised to check out _EotMB_: I'll bet they'll be few of you who'll be disappointed.

(article published 20/11/2000)

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