Fate - _No Sense_
(Mafia Underground, 2000)
by: David Rocher (4 out of 10)
With the fury of hardcore-tinged social commitment flowing through their veins, this Parisian "brutal deathcore" act fuse the rage of urban underground musical currents such as hardcore, metal and rap with the outrageous mauling sessions of rather sub-standard brutal death metal. Basically, "brutal deathcore" rapidly sums up to spectacular drumming and intensity, but linear infra-bass guitar rumblings, boring phlegmy grunts and rants, and interspersed "wicky-wicky scratch" vinyl molestation dirges. The sneaky feeling of endlessly being faced with the same track repeatedly doesn't fail to settle in, and all _No Sense_ will achieve is to leave you craving for a helping of raging, angered death metal, free of grease-sodden barfs, scratches and "yo"s.

(article published 20/11/2000)

5/25/2008 J Smit 3.5 Fate - Vultures
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