Funker Vogt - _Maschine Zeit_
(Metropolis, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (7.5 out of 10)
Not having had as long of a career as, say, Wumpscut, Funker Vogt nonetheless pulls their own sizeable weight in the electro, stripped-industrial movement. I've grown to appreciate this band more and more ever since _Maschine Zeit_ was brought to my attention by a good friend awhile back. An authoritative convergence and an unclean vocal style were two primary factors attracting me to Funker Vogt. Bruising dance-esque drop beats litter the nearly sixty-minute soundscape on _Maschine Zeit_ making it terribly interesting to listen to through all of the release's wavy textures. Some background worth mentioning might include Funker Vogt's participation in at least eight compilations since beginning in 1995. Also, as I understand it, the group acquired their name from a close friend of Gerrit Thomas (synth / programming / backing vocals), one of the band's two members. This friend is/was a radio operator in the German armed forces. The word for his position translates into German as "Funker". Excellent, thought-provoking lyrics, yielding some glistening gems such as "Nuclear Winter" and the chorus on "Maschine Zeit". Not nearly as adventurous as Wumpscut, FV has a bare charm particular to them individually. I might have hoped for another layer or two in _Maschine Zeit_'s core sound, but this is a personal preference, I believe, and it sure as hell isn't a reason not to let Funker Vogt attach itself to your curiosity and worn its way into your collection if you're receptive.


(article published 25/10/2000)

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