Power Symphony - _Lightbringer_
(Pavement Music, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (6.5 out of 10)
Power metal, whatever the definition of that phrase you choose to identify with, for me, has been largely limited to Morgana Lefay and a choice few others. Preferring black, death and thrash/speed metal to the likes of Power Symphony's ilk, I will note that _Lightbringer_ is a strong and well done release. I'll single out here the song "Gethsemane". The track is catchy, evasive, and biting. I'd have to say the most well executed piece on the album right down to the provoking lyrical content. The rest of _Lightbringer_ has a definite alluring charm in its largely mystifying workings of keyboardist Claudio Berra. The band having originally no use for it, the addition of the keyboards, especially on this release, is well done. The remaining charisma emanates from the vocal entrapments of Michela d'Orando. A rich alluring female style with Celtic influences is utilized to bring off _Lightbringer_ with proper decorum. Having been around since late 1991, with more than their fair share of setbacks in recording material for the group, I would have expected a more intriguing effort than what is served up on _Lightbringer_, especially when it was produced by veteran Joey Vera. Actually, I wasn't that impressed with Vera's Engine project either, come to think of it. Unless I become weary with Morgana Lefay, I doubt this disc will see much time in my player; but it might occasionally, from time to time. Also, this disc has a "hidden track" (if you can call it that) about the thirteen minute mark into the last song, "The Necromancer". Into your brain, Ms. d'Orando beats the phrase, "Isn't it charming? Isn't it tempting?" The answers are "No!" and "Hell no!" After track seven's music ceases, stop the CD. You'll thank me for it.

(article published 12/8/2000)

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