Entombed - _Uprising_
(Music for Nations, 2000)
by: Matthias Noll (8.5 out of 10)
Warning: this is neither another _Left Hand Path_ nor another _Clandestine_. If that's what you're looking for, you can skip this review. If you haven't lost hope after the disastrous _Same Difference_ (what a lie) album and have preserved your appreciation for the Swedes and their music throughout most of their musical changes, then there's plenty of reason to rejoice. Let's forget about that last album and compare _Uprising_ with the -- in my opinion -- fantastic _To Ride..._: on _Uprising_, Entombed have again decided to throw some more (death) metal elements overboard, namely Petrov's vocal style, who's more screaming than growling now, and also their trademark Sunlight studio boost. (Gasp!) The latter got replaced by an excellent, raw and natural sounding production which leaves the impression of personally being in the rehearsal room with cabinets of smoking speakers and amps in front of you. Sound-wise a great achievement which brings back the spirit of Voivod's wicked debut or AC/DC's _Let There Be Rock_ masterpiece. With a slight portion of regret, I have to say that I do understand and appreciate the band's desire to turn their back on the more artificial Skogsberg treatment. Musically this is still the same Entombed that did songs like "Wreckage" or "Out of Hand", only this time with an even heavier infusion of Motorhead-style, dirty, rabid rock 'n' roll and, according to CoC's Paul Schwarz, some Autopsy-influenced riffs. The album starts in great fashion with a couple of driving, heavy songs like "Say it in Slugs", has one or two somewhat less intense moments and ends with a great finishing track, "In the Flesh", with its "Black Sabbath" meets the last part of "Left Hand Path" doominess. Overall this is a true return to form. Slightly inferior to _To Ride..._, but definitely an album I see myself banging my head to in the years to come.

(article published 12/8/2000)

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