Grave - _Hating Life_
(Century Media, 1996)
by: Adam Wasylyk (6 out of 10)
Suffering the loss of bassist/vocalist Jorgen Sandstrom who left to play in Entombed, listening to _Hating Life_, I had mixed feelings as to whether it was a mixed blessing or not. Guitarist Ola Lindgren has taken over vocal duties (who was the vocalist of Grave in the band's beginning stages), but doesn't capture the vocal ferocity that Jorgen had. Musically, I did enjoy it a lot more than their prior release _Soulless_ because _Hating Life_ is more catchy and aggressive. Recorded at Sunlight Studios by Tomas Skogsberg (who has produced bands like Entombed and Amorphis), this greatly adds to the sound as the production on here is very clean. Exactly 33 minutes long, the tracks "Worth the Wait", "Restrained", "Snowfilled Moon" and "Harvest Day" were good, but not much else was very different or even worthy of mention. Most of the songs are done in the same sort of way; it did get stale at times to hear. A little more experimentation is recommended.

(article published 9/6/1996)

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