Of the Fallen - _Of the Fallen_
(Independent, 1999)
by: Adrian Bromley (7.5 out of 10)
With a blistering opening number in "From the Depths", Texas blackened metal warriors Of the Fallen show off some impressive guitar work and heavy vocals, blistering the song's structure with some ungodly pressure and ramming a fist of metal into our craniums. With just six songs on this self-titled effort, these guys don't hold back any punches as they crush all in sight with their strengthened charge. This is the kind of incinerating guitar riffs and vocals that seem to make this scene seem so alive and vibrant. With a touch of style all their own, OtF manage to break away from standard guitar work and black metal tendencies and add their own take on crafty song writing, relying somewhat on melody and complex song ideas (ie: "Shores of the Damned" and "Spirits of the Black Waters"). In the end, after nearly being run down with their 28-minute opus, OtF move onward, leaving us cold, battered and confused as to what juggernaut just mowed us down. One of the stronger indie acts to submit stuff to CoC in some time, especially from Texas, since the last band from there to kick our ass was Death of Millions. Check out Of the Fallen.

Contact: P.O. Box 203213, Austin, Texas, USA 78210-3213

(article published 12/10/1999)

5/25/2000 A Bromley 6.5 Of the Fallen - Ancient Gods of Battles Past
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