Pitch Shifter - _Infotainment?_
(Earache Records, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (10 out of 10)
Speaking with vocalist J.S. Clayden (see feature story this issue), it isn't too hard to understand the mentality and motivation that went into the recording of their latest brilliant release, _Infotainment?_, the follow-up to the successful 1993 opus _Desencitized_. This Nottingham, England four-piece are back once again with a heavy dosage of reality, this time shaped into the works of multiple samples, distortion, loud guitars, and multi-faceted song styles of industrial, hip-hop, techno, and jungle beats. Unchartered territory for PS in some aspects it may be, but territory well-observed and molded into PS material. Look no further than "Underachiever", "(We're Behaving Like) Insects", and the harshness of "Virus" to get the blood boiling. Applause must go out to guitarist/programmer John Carter for his superb work in keeping the flow of the record strong and memorable with over a hundred samples whisked in and out of numerous tracks on the record like "Hangar 84" and "Bloodsweatsaliva". Angry, yet informative, the truthful accounts and visions of PS's lyrics and music on _Infotainment?_ lie deep in the heart of scattered riffs and the screams of their frontman, just there for us to discover. And along the way, we get mind-fucked pretty bad, yet we can't stay away. _Infotainment?_ is the TV guide of our past, future, and present, and it showcases just how civilization has deteriorated over the past few decades. The music and emotions sparked throughout this "guide" pretty much makes the bloodshed on TV look like Romper Room.

(article published 10/5/1996)

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