Kaos Rain - _Killogram_
(Independent, 1999)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the work of this relatively unknown solo act (Joseph Lucifer) called Kaos Rain. From the opening number of "The Sickness Unto Death", I knew I was in for an uneasy ride of crafty music that meshed together death metal with electronics. Not in the vein of Fear Factory, but much more explorative as what Godflesh or, to a certain degree, Skrew have tampered with. Even with a somewhat simplistic take on things at times, Kaos Rain still manages to keep the listener interested in to the direction each song travels. With enough ingenuity and bizarre ideas rumbling within this project, there is no telling just what Kaos Rain will conjure up next time out. And that's the fun of it -- not knowing. Interesting release for sure.

Contact: kaosrain@hotmail.com

(article published 12/10/1999)

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