Jane Doe - _Scars_
(Independent, 1999)
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 10)
The start of opener "Unbroken" sounded interesting and made me expect something different from what _Scars_ turned out to be -- soon the excessively clear Sepultura influences and vocal Korn-isms started to appear. Despite being an independent release, this nearly 17 minute long MCD is competently produced and the band certainly shows very reasonable skill and potential throughout its duration. In fact, for its musical qualities only, I could have given _Scars_ one more mark, but the influences I mentioned above are just too blatantly exposed throughout most of the music. The fact that a band's influences are somewhat visible isn't necessarily terrible, but I feel there has to be more creativity and a stronger personal touch from Jane Doe in the future. That way, the potential that they do show on _Scars_ may well evolve into something more interesting.

Contact: Jane Doe, Ohrapolku 6, 14200 Turenki, Finland

(article published 12/10/1999)

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