Autumn Tears - _Absolution_
(Dark Symphonies, 1999)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
_Absolution_ is, on one hand, a product from talented musicians who have already proved their qualities with the first two Autumn Tears full-length releases [CoC #23 and #37]. On the other hand, however, it's very short (just over 12 minutes) and perhaps there isn't enough material here to fully justify the release. Having said that, _Absolution_ does feature one of Autumn Tears' finest moments: the first minute or so of "The Never", which is a new track featuring the excellent new lead vocalist, Jennifer LeeAnna. "The Absolution of What Once Was", originally recorded for a compilation, is a normal Autumn Tears song, as is, for the most part, "The Never", which is the highlight of the MCD. There is, however, one new element in both "The Never" and the MCD's other track, "The Dance": some percussion. Though I don't find the relatively small percussion section of "The Never" an actual improvement, it doesn't ruin the song, either. On "The Dance", however, the whole style is quite different -- the track is described as "an experiment" by the band -- and percussion is present during most of the song, which only retains some of the basic characteristics of Autumn Tears' previous material. An enjoyable song, though excessively chorus-based and certainly not the direction I hope Autumn Tears will follow in the future. "The Absolution of What Once Was" and especially "The Dance" -- both more the usual Autumn Tears style -- are quite good and may justify the purchase for followers of the "Love Poems For Dying Children" series, even though this MCD doesn't seem to be directly related to the series. It does, however, judging mainly by some of "The Never", promise a highly interesting third chapter for the series.


(article published 12/10/1999)

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