Mlehst - _The Difficulty of Crossing a Field_
(Bandaged Hands Produce, 1999)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (7 out of 10)
_The Difficulty of Crossing a Field_ is another in a long line in the latest noise trend of using CD-R as a means of releasing material. While I don't mind the format at all (in fact, the quality of the recording is much better than that of previous analog methods), I am starting to get in a bit of a tiff over the lack of originality in the packaging; most notably the sleeves for the jewel case. There is no information about the recordings, the artists, where to contact them, etc.. Just a dot matrix printed graphic with some cheap font logos. I know it is my duty here to inform you about the contents on the disc and not the package, and I do apologise, but... well... damn it's annoying! Anyhow, as for the noise itself... standard Mlehst. There's plenty of atmospheric style noise with a heavy minimalist overtone to the whole deal. If one is popping this in and expecting a harsh lesson in spontaneity and chaos, you bought the wrong damn disc. If a more laid back and surreal experience raises your Bismark, then by all means take a ride on the Mlehst express (though I must confess it moves more like a turtle with polio than a rip roaring steam engine). In all honesty this type of deal isn't my cup of tea, so I hope I did not ruin anybody's day by not fingering my own anus over it. It's perfectly acceptable for what it is. Final word.

(article published 12/8/1999)

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