Black Funeral - _Moon of Characith_
(Full Moon Productions, 1999)
by: Alex Cantwell (1 out of 10)
This was seriously disappointing. I was a happy man when this arrived in the mail, because the cover looked menacing and I knew from previous listens that the music of Black Funeral was uncompromising, raw black metal. Well, _Moon of Characith_ is nothing like that. Gone the way of Ulver and Dodheimsgard, only far more incriminating, Black Funeral is now on some kind of ambient/techno/noise trip that can be described in one word -- dumb. The whole CD is a sort of minimalist keyboard kind of thing, with some gay beats thrown in for bad measure. I am not anti-ambient at all, and if this was good ambient, I would complain only a little bit -- but this is just sad. The killtaker is the female vocals, which are nothing but strategically placed moans and groans. Black Funeral (or Michael Ford, but now includes Shanna LeJeune as well) has in the span of a few short years gone from "vampyric" black metal, which was dumb in concept but produced some good music, to this Mortiis wannabe stuff. How's that for artistic integrity and longevity?

Contact: Full Moon Productions, 2039 Roxburgh Court

(article published 12/8/1999)

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