Nagelfar - _Srontgorrth_
(Kettenhund Records, 1999)
by: David Rocher (8 out of 10)
Nagelfar's 1998 debut, _Hunengrab im Herbst_ [CoC #29], had introduced this German three-piece (not to be mistaken with proud Swedish Dissection heirs Naglfar, who are signed to WAR Music) as a sincere, unpretentious band who had closely studied the art of black metal referrers such as Bathory or Darkthrone, and had neatly integrated these sources of inspiration in their own personal songwriting. Once again carefully balanced between cold-blooded Norwegian harshness and atmospheric grandeur, _Srontgorrth_ contains five long tracks, among which are two finely reworked versions of excerpts from Nagelfar's demos and one from their first full-length. However, fans should not be disheartened by this fact, as the rewritten and replayed tracks have been treated with great respect and conviction, and this new recording truly grants them a second life, with new and stronger arrangements, improved playing technique and a few great new ideas in the domains of melodies and song structures. The two entirely new tracks are what you could logically expect from Nagelfar, with the track "Kapitel Vier, der Winter: Trummer" being an innovative experiment in electronics for the band. As a definite non-fan of technoid interludes in metal albums, I must admit that this track, however, plays very pleasantly and contains some very enthralling atmospheres which violent metal tones can't necessarily claim to invoke. Producer Andy Classen has once again crafted a fine sound for this release, that is definitely no typical black metal production -- aggressive, grating guitar lines evolving over a clear and intelligible rhythmic background, with an optimal dose of keyboards and vocals. Nagelfar's second full-length is once again a humble, yet excellent black metal release, that should not fail to appeal to open-minded black metal addicts who care to see intelligence fuse harmoniously with extreme songwriting.

(article published 12/8/1999)

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