Glazed Baby - _Atomic Communists_
(Red Decibel, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
Can anything be any heavier I ask you? Well...? Storming out in a blinding fury from the ever-rising pop culture of "Beantown" (Boston, MA) comes four-piece Glazed Baby, a perfect collage of strength, stamina, and sludge music. From the opening air-raid intro of "1" with the newscaster warning us of an upcoming raid on North America, the four-piece dive right into the fuckin' chaotic releases of "2/3", the slow-paced heaviness of "Lucky 7" and "Dak's Jag". The noise continues with "St. Valentines Massacre Day Blues" and "Message For the People, By the People, Against People", revolving around a strong and depthful focus on heavy guitars, sludgey riffs, and downright radical vocal styles. The music here is very similar to that of The Melvins or Kyuss and Toronto's Sons Of Otis but very much GB's own style too with their perfect blend of noise, samples and loud... er, I mean... LOUD music. Heavy as shit and hard to take in large doses, _Atomic Communists_ (their debut for Red Decibel) is the album that you wanna crank up but are too afraid to. You're worried it'll either a) blow your speakers or b) loosen your ear drums, leaving you partially deaf. Live a little and take a chance 'cause your hearing eventually goes anyway.

(article published 10/5/1996)

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