Vesperian Sorrow - _Beyond the Cursed Eclipse_
(1999, 1999)
by: Adrian Bromley (8.5 out of 10)
Hmm... this is too unreal, my friends. With not even photos or a bio to accompany the CD, I was a little wary of doing a review, just for the sheer notion that I wanted to know something about this band before I got into what was on the disc. But then again, as long as the music was good, what would be the point of a bio or photo? Anyway, I had luckily received a single from the band at Milwaukee Metalfest one year, I believe (I think it was them), so I was familiar with the name and the sound (to a certain degree). They say they're signed to a label? Which one I don't know. It's still a mystery. Wrapped within a truly dynamic mixing of atmospheric black metal and some serious speed metal riffs, the music of Vesperian Sorrow is a totally blistering package of metalness. From the haunting keyboards and blasting drum beats to the archaic guitar overtones and the sinister snarls that stem from the vocal cries on such numbers as "Twilight of Azreal" and "Shadowlord", this band really shines more and more as the record goes on. With shades of Dimmu Borgir and even In Flames at times, Vesperian Sorrow is a worthy young band that could have a positive and rewarding future if they keep it up. Good luck, boys, and please send us bio/photo material. We want to know more about your kick ass band. Stay heavy!

(article published 7/7/1999)

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