Hypocrisy - _Hypocrisy_
(Nuclear Blast, 1999)
by: David Rocher (10 out of 10)
Hypocrisy's sixth album is another fine stepping stone in this trio's irresistible ascent, that testifies to the immense talent that has never ceased to ooze from this band since the inception of their unearthly oppressing _The Fourth Dimension_. After mastermind Tagtgren had threatened to reduce this band to ash two years ago, due to the lack of motivation demonstrated by partners in crime Lars Szoke and Mikael Hedlund, it seems this warning succeeded in sending boiling new blood gushing through the band's veins, unceasingly driving them to reach new summits in heaviness, melody and dazzling inspiration. With the use of synthetics now well and truly integrated in their sound, one of Sweden's most crucial death metal bands have composed an album destined to reign among the finest death metal releases this year, and possibly ever. Akin to a heavier, more atmospheric heir to the amazing _Abducted_, this eponym masterpiece boasts fantastic canorous riffing and a pounding, truly devastating rhythm section enriched with unexpected breaks and shifts. Peter's leads are better crafted than they ever were and his fantastic use of changing vocal styles testifies to this band's irrepressible rise to the pantheon of metal legends. Obviously, a talented producer such as Tagtgren could only craft the most flawless of sounds for his own band, and what he has pretty much achieved for this masterpiece is simply a perfect blend of crushing, roaring heaviness and finely distorted melody, which is awe-inspiring. _Hypocrisy_, people, is beyond all doubt one of 1999's major chapters, and basically another lesson in death metal dealt to the entire scene by past masters in the art of metal music extremism. Missing out on this release is good enough a reason for vicious alien life forms to abduct you and abusively perform crippling proctology on your worthless mortal coil.

(article published 7/7/1999)

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