Haste - _Pursuit in the Face of Consequence_
(Century Media, 1999)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
This is an interesting release from Century Media -- to some degree. While dipping a bit into the hardcore vat of styles, a worthy addition to the already booming roster of hardcore acts on the label, Haste seem to glide throughout many styles and ideas on their debut disc _Pursuit in the Face of Consequence_ with the greatest of ease. Many styles (hardcore, metal, jazz, rock) make up the music of Haste and while it may seem like a huge task to tame all styles into one recording, Haste basks in success. With the presence of two singers and a strong set of musicians (they are a sextet), Haste kicks out the jams and breaks things down hard 'n' heavy when need be. The powerful momentum of the band, led by killer vocals and an ultra-heavy groove, is spellbinding at times, as the band really goes for the throat and succeeds. Is this the best thing on Century Media's roster? Maybe not, but it's a definite gem in a massive music world where good bands (make that unique or interesting bands) seem to be few and far between these days. Fans of other Century Media releases like Turmoil or Stuck Mojo will no doubt be drawn in by Haste's work here. I was.

(article published 15/6/1999)

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