Torture Squad - _Shivering_
(Independent, 1998)
by: Nuno Almeida (2 out of 10)
Torture Squad are from Brazil and play death/thrash metal. The problem is that this isn't brutal, this isn't technical, this is nothing but unimaginative, bland, boring, completely dated death/thrash. The vocals suck and the lyrics pretty much cover the same stereotype issues of death, religion, social problems, whatever. One final note. The band is looking for a label, and claims to already have 15 songs, which should be enough to record the second and third albums. So Torture Squad is seen as a song factory, and things like musical and artistic progression apparently don't count. (Also reviewed in Ancient Ceremonies #3 --

Contact: Torture Squad, Av. do Cursino, 2817/14, Sao Paulo SP, Brazil

(article published 15/6/1999)

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