Quiet Riot - _Alive and Well_
(Deadline Music, 1999)
by: Aaron McKay (7 out of 10)
Sometimes there is an itch that only nostalgic '80s metal can scratch and I'm of the opinion that this newest Quiet Riot release has some claws suited especially for those tough to reach afflictions. Whether or not you support this type of musical variance (or even if you agree with my assessment or not), very few of us could argue with Mr. Rudy Sarzo's talent. Together with QR's original _Mental Health_ line-up, Mr. Sarzo is responsible for some incredible bass playing on this release. Also, there is a certain undeniable sophistication and culture to Carlos Cavazo's guitar style on this effort. The sound Carlos lays out crafting _Alive and Well_ on tracks such as the impressive "The Ritual" (No! Not the Testament album) is some bad-ass honest work. I will grant you for every "The Ritual" there seems to be a tune like "Slam Dunk (Way to GO!)" that creeps me out like a David Lee Roth ditty off of _A Little Ain't Enough_. _AaW_ is comprised of two almost totally separate sections on one disc. The front nine tracks are "new" material including an absorbing cover of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell". The following six tracks are remakes of Quiet Riot classics including a hellish re-do of "The Wild and the Young". Well, those of you reading this shaking your head in disbelief, keep just two tidbits locked away in the ol' brain, if you will -- _AaW_ was produced by Bob Marlette, who you will probably remember from his producing duties on the new Black Sabbath with Ozzy and the second morsel being this label, Deadline, is the one responsible for giving us that _Straight to Hell_ tribute to Slayer featuring some heavyweights like Hypocrisy, Brutal Truth, and Jungle Rot. Food for thought, kiddies. Sometimes a bit o' divergency is a good thing with variety bein' the spice of life and all. Grab _Alive and Well_ for a trip down memory lane. I think you'll appreciate the flashback!

(article published 15/6/1999)

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