Moment Maniacs - _Two Fuckin' Pieces..._
(Distortion, 1999)
by: Adam Wasylyk (9 out of 10)
Don't let the silly names (both band name and album title) fool you. Moment Maniacs have written the album that Entombed should have put out between _Clandestine_ and _Wolverine Blues_. Moment Maniacs will definitely be called an Entombed rip-off, from the vocal delivery to the drumming and to the guitar sound that the infamous Swedes made popular oh so long ago. But in all honesty, fuck that. Entombed are now nothing but a bunch of pussies, check out their new album _Same Difference_ if you don't agree. _Two Fucking Pieces..._, containing two members of Marduk and produced by Pete Tagtgren (Hypocrisy), delivers ten tracks of crushing heaviness in epic proportions with a little hardcore groove thrown in for good measure. Track five, "My Loss", is better than anything Entombed have done in the last five years, and this is coming from someone who likes most of what they've put out in that time. If you can find this album, you need to pick this one up.

(article published 15/6/1999)

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