Aurora - _Sadiam_
(Serious Entertainment, 1999)
by: Nuno Almeida (6 out of 10)
Aurora are Danish and play melodic death metal. This is a sort of preview of their forthcoming second album, to be released sometime later this year. After the well received debut _Eos_, with this 18 minute long, four song MCD, Aurora distance themselves from the somewhat pompous and melodramatic _Eos_ and move towards a more straightforward style, clearly influenced by the so-called "Gothenburg Scene" (At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames). After the instrumental "Beloved" come "To Hell" and "Sadiam". Though Aurora play some good music, with nice and very melodic guitar riffs, the main flaw is Claus Frolund's voice. I mean, he does try to make an approach to Mikael Stanne's (Dark Tranquillity) vocal style, but fails miserably, in my opinion. It's almost funny to listen to Frolund's voice on "To Hell", for example. The last song, "Home", is the only one that will appear on the new album. It's a nice song, but the riffs are repeated a lot. If you think you'll like this, my advice is that you seek the original Swedish bands. (Also reviewed in Ancient Ceremonies #3 --

(article published 15/6/1999)

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