Horde of Worms - _Horde of Worms_
(Independent, 1998)
by: Alex Cantwell (6.5 out of 10)
Horde of Worms apparently call themselves Canadian Blast Metal, and play music that is only somewhat entertaining or creative. As with Kekal, the addition of a real drummer would launch them into near greatness. The riffs and the "vokills" are definitely lethal and create good songs. However, that stupid drum machine is quite annoying and distracting. The "snare" sounds quite ridiculous and all the sounds in general are almost pathetic, especially during breaks in the music where these "drums" become the featured instrument for a short time. Something else that qualifies as being pathetic is the lead guitar sound, which is no doubt due to the fuzzy, tinny sound of a Boss distortion pedal, and perhaps the self-production. Despite all this, there are many enjoyable songs, and the potential to really shine on their next release is definitely lurking around somewhere.

Contact: Horde of Worms, 1 Anglesly Blvd., Suite B,

(article published 19/5/1999)

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