Ames Sanglantes / Flutter - _Split_
(Xerxes, 1999)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (6 out of 10)
Though in the past I have taken great lengths to praise numerous split releases from some of the lesser known composers of the noise genre, this particular output has me literally torn inside. On one hand you have Ames Sanglantes who came off as being less of a harsh noise extraordinaire and more of a Dissecting Table wannabe. On the other you have Flutter; a noise act which has improved leaps and bounds with every release to the point their work (which is still relatively unknown compared to other artists in the field) is humbling the outputs of some artists in the field whom many feel the need to jack themselves off to everytime they plop a new tape of boring, repetitious shit onto the market. Keeping this mind, I will skip slamming Ames Sanglantes' punishingly annoying output of utter electronic crap and skip ahead to Flutter, who really impressed me (nothing new) this time around. Flutter's solitary, lengthy track takes the artist into every region of the noise genre at one point by delivering a healthy dose of multi-layered feedback/distortion effects while augmenting the composition with some more dark and droning bits and even a bluesy harmonica opener to the entire deal. The entire Flutter experience reminds me of Pain Jerk on acid with a little _Pulse Demon_ era Merzbow tossed on top for good measure. The Flutter alone deserves a healthy 8.5 rating, but in the name of being fair, I can't overlook the terrible idea of combining an artist with so much promise and ability with one that is nothing more than a waste of tape. Buy this for the Flutter, and wisely use the other side to dub your friend's Best of New Order CD, as I assure you, even if you hate poppy electronic '80s music... it kicks the hell out of Sanglantes's shit.

Contact: Xerxes, 203 Fujimori-kata, 1-4-5 Wakabayashi,

(article published 14/3/1999)

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