Divine Sin - _Winterland_
(Black Mark, 1996)
by: Adrian Bromley (6 out of 10)
While struggling for almost seven years to make a name for themselves with playing out and multiple demos and line-up changes we finally have the debut album by Swedish death/progressive metallers Divine Sin. While primarily drenched in a total progressive metal atmosphere, _Winterland_ manages to allow the harshness and brutality of some death metal riffs and vocal styles to be placed throughout the record. I found numbers like "All Alone", "Children Of Conformity", and "Years Of Sorrow" to act as the spokesman/standard of what this band is providing us. The emotions are there, thanks in part to the musical stylings and sounds of the progressive metallic output as is the intense edge that this band adds to that with growls, heavier riffs, etc. While it has taken the band this long to release a debut, what they have learned with this outing and what they continue to create can only be seen in due time. But from what I can see, the future looks pretty good if they stick with what they have. An adequate listen for progressive metal fans who need this type of music a bit harsher.

(article published 18/4/1996)

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