One Dark Eye / Macronympha - _Split_
(Spite, 1999)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (8 out of 10)
Americanoise pioneer Joe Roemer brings two of his projects together for an excellent split which delivers the dark crusty ambience of One Dark Eye with the unrelenting, unyielding pure aural assault of Macronympha. When I first popped this into my tape deck, I had fully anticipated One Dark Eye being along the lines of other "harsh ambient" acts whose sound, while unarguably brutal, tends to get punishingly boring. One Dark Eye, however, features a number of interesting changes through their electronic composition of mental madness. The sounds are surrealistic enough and employ enough minimal repetition to keep it ambient, but the harshness mixed with the occasional unexpected change makes the piece a highly enjoyable antimusic experience. On the flip side of this tape, Roemer's Macronympha once again tear the house down with one gigantic noise thrust that will leave any listener who has the testicular fortitude to withstand the brutality craving for more. This is worthy to check out not only for the amazing noise captured on tape but also for the fact it brings together two sides of Roemer's creative personality which retain their own distinct features but also retain all of the harsh qualities which has brought him so much praise.

Contact: Spite, PO Box 51653

(article published 13/2/1999)

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